Audio Visual Production: TV Production, Documentaries, Film production, Music Videos, TV/Radio Jingles, DVD/CD/Mass Dubbing, Graphic Design etc

Multimedia Screens LED: LED Screens, 6×8, 12×24 projector machines 2500, 3500, 4000 and 5000 lumens, Plasma screen 32, 42, 50, 52 and 60 Inches

Print Media: Printing & design, signage, souvenirs, graphics, Branding, DI Printing, Photo/Book Binding, Large format

Sound Reinforcement: Line arrays, Sub Woofers, Stage monitors, Speakers, Amplification, Audio mixer, Microphones, Management, Backlines etc

Film/TV/Radio Production: Freelance Journalist/Cameramen, Producer/ Director, Content/ Stories Producer to Local and International TV Stations, Script writer, News Reporting and Post Production.

Event Coverage: Conferences, Seminars, AGMs, Product Launch, Weddings, Birthdays, Game Shows, Sporting events, Event management, decorations, etc

Stage Lighting: Parking lights, LED, Moving head, Leaser Lights, Red head, Ari Light, Spot lights, etc

Training: Basic Camera Operation Technique, Film Directing, TV Directing, Shots and their uses, Basic TV Lighting, Creative/ Amazing Images, Still Photography, Light Painting, Photo Arts and Photo Portfolio.

Media Consultancy

Photography and Unlimited Media Streaming